The Museum’s function is to preserve the history of the Palmach, the striking force or “shock troops” of the Haganah paramilitary organization during the struggle against the British Mandate in Eretz-Israel. The program for the Museum called for creation of a circulation route organized chronologically from the establishment of the Palmach until the conclusion of the War of Independence. The site is located beside a main street in Tel Aviv. The proposed plan included a circular route starting at a small entrance plaza and hall, and then ascending ramps until returning to the top level of the entrance area. From there, the visitor descends to the memorial hall, which is shaped like a concrete cone. The building is two storeys high, and extends beside the road with its rear dug into the hillside, so that the upper storey juts up above the ground level at the rear, while from the road it is visible in its entire height. Conspicuous in the building’s design is a long concrete wall that symbolizes the Palmach’s role as a wall protecting the Jewish settlers in Eretz-Israel.

Museum and archive 
Client: The Palmach Veterans’ Association
Area: 7,000  sq.m