The Mané Katz Museum is designed to accommodate the activities of two organizations: a museum of artwork by Mané Katz, a Jewish ‘School of Paris’ painter, and a museum of Judaica that focuses on the Prophet Elijah’s activity on Mount Carmel, and also includes a synagogue. The structure is located at a scenic point, facing a panoramic promenade on the one side, and Haifa Bay on the other. The building’s unique design and its dynamic thrust within the mountainous topography makes it stand out against the background of the cubist construction typical of the residences on Mount Carmel. The structure is composed of four volumetric bodies: the synagogue, the joint main hall, the Mané Katz Museum and the Judaica Museum. The structure’s volumetric development facilitates immediate formative identification of its parts and their contents. Its positioning facing the promenade was determined in such a way that it would not stand out above street level.

Art & Judaica museum
Client: Haifa Municipality
Area: 7,000 sq.m