The composite structure serves as a community center for south Givatayim and provides cultural services for the entire area. It is situated in and opens onto a small public garden, and is designed as an assemblage of structural bodies. Each geometrical body contains a defined activity and its cladding is in characteristic colors and materials. The theater is designed as a tilted rectangular box with stone cladding. Adjacent to it is a whitewashed tower containing the actors’ rooms. The youth hostel and rooms for extra-curricular activities are designed as an elongated rectangular prism that floats on two rows of rounded pillars coated with gray plaster. The elevator is an orange-colored plastered cylinder. The foyer and exhibition area are in a free, two-storey structure composed of concrete, aluminum and glass that links the three previous structures. The building encircles a front entrance courtyard that serves as an external foyer linked to the internal foyer.

Community center
Client: Givatayim Municipality
Area: 4,000 sq.m
Awards: Ministry of Education and Culture "Rechter Prize" 1996